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I have over 20 years’ experience as a translator working for a range of specialized publishers and international organizations in a variety of fields. I am proficient in the use of new media for finding parallel texts and translation terminology equivalents and I have excellent research skills. I am reliable and always keep to agreed deadlines.

Please click on the sub-sections below to learn more about my main areas of specialization:

Art, Painting, Archaeology, Museology

Art, painting and museums are particular interests of mine and I have gathered extensive professional experience in this field (see Publications). This area of translation requires knowledge of specialized vocabulary, artistic movements and art history. The wide and detailed content and subject matter of these titles also requires thorough research skills in order to find the appropriate translation for very specialized terminology.

My main current or former clients in this area are

Scala Publishers - Since 2001 I have undertaken regular work for Scala Publishers as a freelance translator of a large number of exhibition and collection catalogues for international museums and art galleries published by this prestigious company. These books, on major international museums and collections, such as the Shanghai museum, The Vatican and the Fritz collection, can range between 15,000 and 35,000 words.

• Royal Academy of Arts – I have translated Las ciudades del arte abstracto: recorridos urbanos a través de Sudamérica (7,500 words), the accompanying text for the forthcoming RA exhibition Radical Geometry.

ICOM (International Council of Museums) - I have worked as a freelance translator and translation reviser of numerous articles for ICOM NEWS, ICOM’s periodic publication on different aspects of the museum community and professionals. The content of these articles comprises reports on archaeology and art exhibitions to the impact of social and political events on the museums and their collections and the application of new technologies to the museum experience. ICOM has a consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

Accent Languages - Translation of press releases of art events and museum information material for visitors to the National Gallery

For more information, please consult my list of published translations.


I have translated a large number of education-related documents for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). I have been responsible for the translation into Spanish and the revision of other freelancers’ translations of major documents such as the Primary Years Programme, Middle Year Programme and Diploma Programme, various Subject Guides, Exam Guides and other documents related to the exams, subjects and programmes of the IBO in their schools worldwide. I have also translated documentation concerning the school inspection visits undertaken by the organization.

Economy, Intellectual Property and Innovation

I started work for the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in 2011, as a freelance translation reviser and translator of reports. This work requires a solid knowledge of the most recent concepts in the fields of economy, intellectual property and innovation (patents, trademarks) and excellent research skills for terminology mining. It is also important to ensure consistency in the terminology used in the field and specifically by the WIPO.

General Business, Printing

In the course of over 20 year’s working with a major Spanish printing company, I have gathered extensive experience in the translation of business reports on general business and printing. Through this work, I am familiar with the vocabulary and technology of modern printing, from pre-press processes (files and CTP technology) to the actual printing processes, whether it be Litho printing, Print-on-demand or Digital printing.

Children’s literature

My experience in translating children’s literature is substantial (see Publications). The translation of children’s literature requires awareness of what the child reader might be able to understand or know from another culture and of how to transcend any potential gap. The translation options available are sometimes limited by the fact that children’s books contain visual images. The language in the source text is often innovative which requires the use of creative translation strategies. There are also space constraints as the titles are often published as co-editions with just a black plate change. All these elements make the translation of children’s books a challenging and exciting area of work.

Horse riding and thoroughbred horses

I have started work in the field of horse breeding, horse riding and thoroughbred horses with the translation into Spanish of The Pursuit of Excellence - Preserving the Pure Carthusian Horse, Profile of Antonio Domínguez Galiano and Los Tercios, by Robert Smith (5.500 words), first published in English in Horses for Life magazine, Vol. 65, July 2012. This is a new and interesting area of work that I look forward to developing.

Translation of App and software material

Translation of content description, command strings and Help File for the Diccionario Oxford Pocket Español/Inglés App for Oxford University Press

Translation of birth and marriage certificates, university and other degrees and police records

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and undertake the translation into Spanish of official documents for certain official bodies. Please check legal translation requirements with the relevant official body which has requested the translation.